All-White for Spring

This past winter has been brutal to us Canadians, so it may seem counterintuitive to want to wear anything remotely reminding us of snow. As juxtaposing as it may seem though, white just screams spring and is exactly what we need to finally welcome the season.

In the past, I would tend to pair white with pastels, denim, or a bright colour top/pair of shorts, but this season, along with fashion in general, white is being styled in a much more refined way. Based on some all-white outfits I've seen so far, I thought I'd put together a few ways that white is being styled this season:

1. With neutrals 
Neutrals (camel, nude, or black) look very chic against white, and are a nice change from the bright colours we paired with white last season. 

2. With metallics 
Add metallic details to your all-white outfit, like metal (i.e.: exposed zippers) or metallics. Silver especially adds a nice subtle contrast to white, and isn't as loud as bright colours are. 

3. Bright accessories/makeup
If you do want to pair your whites with brights, add interesting accessories, or bright lips or nails instead of an entire neon garment or pair of shoes.

4. With graphic details 
I love this outfit by American Apparel. While it's still an all-white outfit, the graphic lines add some interesting detail.

5. Loose-fit 
Loose, relaxed clothing offers a nice juxtaposition to the prim & proper stark whiteness, which is a good styling option if you don't want to look too proper. 

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