The Chronicles of Yarnia: Part 1

Being a fashion student, it's a given that I love fashion, but what pushed me in this direction was my grandma having taught me how to sew when I was 11. I really wanted this skirt that Hilary Duff wore on the back of her Metamorphosis album and my grandma took that opportunity to teach me how to use a sewing machine. I started putting together multiple patterns and improvising my sewing skills, so it was interesting to actually take a sewing class when I started school because it taught me the proper way to make clothing (lol). 

The Chronicles of Yarnia (a clever play-on-words name given to me by a friend) will be a series of posts I do to display some of the clothes I've made thus far. One of my closest and oldest friends was kind enough to act as my model (thanks, Angie)! The first two pieces I wanted to show off were a pair of shorts I made (which was actually an assignment for school), and a velvet cardigan that I made to briefly satiate my velvet obsession. 

Leather-look shorts

Velvet cardigan

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